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April 2013
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April 2013
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS:
-IMPORTANT: removed Mesh hide/show functions, please use new draw mask groups functionality instead (MSHP_HIDDEN now also no longer is taken into account when drawing meshes)
-new object editor tab "Groups" allowing for specifying custom groups for object mesh parts, groups are taken from custom enum project element
-new function "SetDrawMask(UInt draw_mask=0xFFFFFFFF)" which can be used to control MeshPart visibility along with the new "MeshPart.setDrawGroup" method, which is a more efficient way than previous hide/show parts by their name
-new tutorial "Mesh Part Draw Group"
-added support for dual range ambient occlusion "D.ambientRange" now operates on Vec2 instead of Flt which allows to set two ranges
-project elements can now be manually disabled from publishing by using the right click menu on the element, without the need of removing the element
-auto mip map blur will now work also when optimizing textures for Android and iOS
-hovering mouse over a project in the project list will now display its folder name
-improved FBX importer to include node geometry offset for meshes (some fbx files need this)
-improved mesh join parts function in case one part had vertex colors and the other one didn't (in such case one of the parts would have vertex colors forced to black, now it's correctly set to white)
-added "del leaf attachment" button to the "set leaf attachment" region when editing mesh leaf based material
-mesh vertex components will now be listed on bottom of the mesh viewport
-added new object menu allowing to remove some of mesh vertex components
-new project element right click menu "duplicate" allowing to duplicate an element
-"reloading" text will be displayed on element preview if it's currently being reloaded
-added support for specifying animation frame range in the "reload element" window for animation elements (when wanting to import multiple animation from one file, multiple animation elements should be created for example with the "duplicate element" functionality, each with different animation range specified)
-added support for following keyboard shortcuts for project view (F2 : rename element, F3 : reload element, F4 : explore element, Left Arrow : close element, Right Arrow : open element, Enter : edit element, Ctrl+Shift+F : find in project)
-added "terrain normal align" property in object paint window, allowing to control how much to align the object to terrain surface normal vector
-fixed issue when some right-click menu options were not visible for elements that were copied from a different project
-Editor "about" window now displays extra info about editor and network protocol versions
-new parameter "weld" in lod generation allowing to even further reduce amount of vertexes in a model
-changed Mesh 'simplify' method parameters from "nrm_cos, pos_dist, nrm_dist" to "nrm_dist, pos_dist" (nrm_cos was removed, and nrm_dist was moved to first place)
-added Esenthel 2.0 installer for Windows Servers in the Store
04-03-2013 04:36 PM
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RE: April 2013
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS:
-new class SimpleVehicle which is a manually implemented vehicle class, it is physics engine independent and can be used on all platforms
-added option to simplify materials (never, for mobiles only, always), this works by baking and merging normal map with color map when publishing (reducing package size, increasing rendering performance and quality when compared to normal maps present but unused - which is RT_SIMPLE renderer behavior - default for mobiles)
-Button internal methods drawImage drawText can now be called manually in custom draw
-Slidebar buttons, Region slidebars and ComboBox button are now stored using new FixedArray/FixedElm class which allows to replace the class of its elements (which allows to use custom class of buttons in slidebars, custom slidebar class in regions and custom button class in ComboBox)
-introduced new safety mechanism for overwriting project data file
-improved Code Editor preprocessor to fix issue of Editor sometimes incorrectly warning about invalid brace pairs in the codes
-improved material texture importer for specular/glow textures (currently their luminance is taken into account, while previously only red channel was taken)
-fixed non-uniformly scaled actors created from box, capsule and tube physical bodies
-fixed small issue of world editor object rectangle selection not working if camera is zoomed in to the maximum
-Code Editor "go to definition" and "find all references" are now listed in the code menu
-improved lod selection depending on FOV
-setting object lod distance in the editor will now include current editor FOV into account
-world object overriden class parameters will now be listed for easier overriding of their values
-fixed formula for calculating Actor.pointVelL,pointVelW on PhysX 3 and Bullet, and Actor.addForce,addImpulse,addVel,addAccel with custom world position variants for Bullet
-Physics.skin is now used on Bullet
-fixed crash when calling Actor.sleep(Bool) on Bullet when actor is not created (this also occurs for Actor.loadState)
-fixed potential crash on Bullet at app exit when an existing actor was created from a physical body that was already deleted
-actor mass made from convex meshes is now the same on Bullet as on PhysX
-fixed Actor.freezePos() and freezeRot() on Bullet
-small improvements to heightmap material cleaning when generating world areas

Released Esenthel 1.0 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS build 23:
this update features all improvements since last release, and:
-fixed saving per vertex cloth information in the Editor occuring when mesh does not have any quads
-fixed storing correct path for Code Editor custom pak's in VS projects
04-12-2013 04:26 PM
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RE: April 2013
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows and Android:
-removed SimpleVehicle jittering at low framerates (also custom SimpleVehicle.fricLinear values should now be around 4x bigger than values from previous engine release)
-Controller damping is now by default set to 0 (instead of old 1)
-fixed Controller falling speed when Controller.fall_control is enabled
04-20-2013 04:08 PM
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RE: April 2013
Updated Ineisis Source Code for Esenthel 1.0 to be compatible with latest SDK
04-27-2013 11:09 AM
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