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new 2D projects
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new 2D projects
After using the sound and 2D part of Esenthel to create Linewalk 1 I am working on two more 2D projects. The first one will only be accessible within 'klankenbos', an open air sound museum in Belgium. The music/sound will be created by the Dutch composer Rozalie Hirs, the design (interface and visualisation of poetry and sound) by Cox & Grusenmeyer.

Another project will be an app that will play sounds and give information on certain spots around the Netherland/Belgian border. It's a commision by the belgian music and sound art organisation Musica and the dutch Intro in-situ. The project is intended for walks and bicycle trips in the area.

Just to say that, in my opinion, Esenthel is very suited for small mobile projects, even if you're not usind the 3D part. Consider you have an easy code editor, compilation for android and iOS, gps and other sensors, and (workable) sound posibilities. If you're working with visual artists, the standard interface for iOS and Android is not flexible enough anyway. The 2D part of EE gives them a lot of freedom and the assurance that the screen will look good on both platforms.

Not to mention the speed of development compared to 2 native apps. (There might be other engines suitable for this, but since I know esenthel this well I haven't bothered very much looking at them.) Just saying, it's all working great. It might be a good idea to draw attention to this, as it could attract an extra type of developer.

Thank you, Esenthel!

(ok, not much of a showcase here, but I though the message most fitted this part of the forum.)
10-07-2013 12:20 AM
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RE: new 2D projects
if you add in ImageAtlas and physics freeze position you can consider these another two great additions for 2D games.
10-07-2013 12:42 AM
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