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the random encounter
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the random encounter
What i'm trying to say in this post is that i want to know how/if it would be possible using Esenthel to generate random encounter areas, including randomized terrain and loot and monster spawns

so ... there are lots of ways to generate a heightmap which i can then upload into my Esenthel project ...

what i want to know is if it would be possible using the Esenthel engine to write code so that the program does this automatically?
i'm assuming this would require adding code into Esenthel that would tell the external software to generate a map (i'm a novice programmer and i don't know if this could be done) and then to have Esenthel generate an area from the map on the fly, while the game is running

also then using an algorithm to populate the area with foliage, textures, monsters and so on
automatically applying textures to the heightmap is one of the things i'm worried that Esenthel might not support. if i had a function like "AutomaticTexturePaint" then the input i would give it could be either an image or maybe another random-procedural method

a professional quality random terrain generator might have another layer to generate random seeds for trees and so on (a layer of procedural 3d model generation instead of just choosing from a list) not to mention that the procedural terrain part would be a lot more advanced but i only need to do a couple areas like this
01-13-2014 12:23 AM
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RE: the random encounter

Yes you can dynamically generate the terrain,
I believe that's included in one of the free tutorials "13-mesh/Heightmap"

Also you can see Ineisis Online http://www.esenthel.com/?id=store&item=7
But it's a bigger tutorial targeted for programmers with more experience

Hope this helps smile
01-13-2014 01:06 AM
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