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im new
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im new

Im new to the Esenthel engine and would like to use it as a learning tool for C++ in game development. I have been using the Quake engines for 6 years now creating small game projects with the open source code. My latest endevers used a highly modified Quake 3 engine called Xreal that was extended by a friend to have full single player support with LUA and RTCW scripting...comparable to Star Wars Jedi Outcast. As a 3D artist I have the one major hangup that most artists have, I dont program much. I have basic knowlege of C that I have picked up along the way when compiling and using the Quake engines but it is not enough. I am very impressed with the Esenthel engine and its simple streamlined development process and was hoping to use it to learn.

My goal is to use the "Bloody Massacre" tech demo code base as a starting point. I would like to make use of some of the tutorial code to extednt BM and then later continue modifying it completely as my abilities advance. Thus far I have made basic progress...Compiling...changing basic things like adding custom fonts and gui graphics. I would now like to take on the task of adding the game menu code from the tutorials to BM so that instead of saying press any key it goes to the menu after the logos in the intro.cpp. C++ is a bit different then C though and I cant seem to get exaclty what I need done.

I dont want the code written for me, as that would defeat the whole learning part, and I am currently reading up on learning C++ but I was hoping you may be willing to point me in the right direction by answering some basic questions.

1) how exactly and where in the code does it know when to call different cpp files and how is the order set? (general C++ question)
2) where in intro.cpp should I add the code from game menu.cpp and what code should I not add? (I know some of the code in game menu is a repeat of what is seen in the BM main.cpp for engine initialization) My guess was in place of this line
// Press any key..
      TextDS tds; tds.scale*=1.2; tds.color=ColorAlpha(tds.color,Alpha(9,10,0,-1)*Lerp(0.5f,1.0f,Abs(1-Frac(StateActive->time(),2))));
      D.text(tds, 0,-0.8,"Press any key to enter the Bloody Massacre");

Thank you for the help. I think when I get this process complete it will be a goodstep to understanding how to add more of the tutorial code and thus learning the language and engine.
03-19-2009 03:25 AM
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Re: im new
Hello and welcome to the forum.

1. as for CPP files please check esenthel engine sdk documentation english.chm\programming\states - application loop
and sdk tutorial called "states"

2. What exactly do you plan to add to the Intro.cpp? what actions?
03-19-2009 10:18 AM
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