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Old habits die hard...
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Old habits die hard...
They say that old habits die hard... well, that is what I'm currently finding out.

I've been brought up in a C programming environment, and have never really bothered with C++ objects and classes, as I found that C catered for all my programming needs. This is now really hindering my progress with the Esenthel Engine, as I'm finding it to be deeply C++ orientated. I'm finding it extremely bothersome and time-consuming paging backwards and forwards through the API documentation trying to locate class functions to cover a particular need. There is just too much parent/child inheritance terminology getting in the way!

One has to be a really topnotch C++ programmer to make any headway with any non-routine tasks. Even routine tasks are not easy to accomplish quickly for a mediocre C++ programmer like myself. I just feel that there is something lacking on the documentation side for an Esenthel beginner who has a fair amount of general programming experience (not necessarily the OOP kind) I know that there are a good number of tutorials relating to all the basic objects, but when one wants to delve a little deeper, there is no such avenue apart from the API, which is well documented in C++ terminolgy. I'm a little surprised that for a stable engine that's been around longer than 5 years, there are so few online reading resources, or even offline books, explaining and demonstrating. in a straightforward manner, all the tasks necessary to cover the different aspects of any Esenthel game or 3D application. Why is there no Esenthel Wiki or Esenthel Cookbook?

Don't get me wrong... the engine itself is excellent, extremely well thought out and put together. That is the sole reason that I'm going to battle on, but its going to take me some time!
11-11-2014 01:45 PM
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