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Render problem on Mac Mini 2.1
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Render problem on Mac Mini 2.1
I tried to run program made with Esenthel 2.0 on Mac mini 2007 with OSX 10.7.5, but failed. I built "Render to texture" example. Program didn't show any warnings, but had black window. On Mac mini 2009 (3.1) with OSX 10.9 program works well.
I tested similar example from Esenthel 1.0, but program said "no OpenGL 2.0..." and didn't run at all.
Hardware on Mac mini 2007 - GMA950 which supports SM2.0 (Esenthel requires SM2.0 and up).

I wonder is it possible somehow to run Esenthel 2.0 applications on this kind of computers?
12-10-2014 10:56 AM
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