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IOS - make CAEAGLLayer transparent?
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IOS - make CAEAGLLayer transparent?

D.Clear() should clear background with a transparent texture by default according to .h

Is there a way to render esenthel layer on top of other layer?

Say I have a CALayer at Z index of 0, bringing it to 1 will make it print on top of the esenthel window (opacity of layer is set to "no") so I can see through layer and see esenthel in the background and UI stuff on top of it.

I tried setting Opacity of CAEAGLLayer and EAGLVIEW to "NO" but I can't seem to see anything through it. I only see a black background even though I used D.Clear(). I also tried with D.Clear(TRANSPARENT).

Say for example I want to use phone camera buffer data and render stuff on top of that. Any way of achieving this? A real life example of this is pokemon go with camera enabled.

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09-08-2016 08:36 PM
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RE: IOS - make CAEAGLLayer transparent?

I don't know if that's possible but if it is then you'd have to play around with the engines source code in the source license.
09-08-2016 10:55 PM
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