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April 2017
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April 2017
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-improved mesh remove double sided faces function, to remove all faces on one continuous side
-added functions 'UTF8' and 'FromUTF8'
-added new function 'Randomizer.back' allowing to undo last seed advancement and return the same random values as before
-added new function 'MusicManager.prev' allowing to go back and play previous songs
-added option to combine multiple source image files when creating one material texture with different apply modes "?mode=blend", "?mode=mul" and "?mode=div"
-updated Flac library to latest version
-updated comments about 'meter' in 'Spectrometer.get' function
-'Image.stats' can now calculate average color by taking into account alpha transparency (alpha weighted average color)
-added option to control if elements with disabled publishing should display their file sizes in the project list
-added support for 24-bit WAV/FLAC sound playback
-added option to resize only Base0 material textures in the Material Editor
-added support for decoding M4A/MP4 AAC sound files, however do not use unless you own an AAC patent license
-updated WEBP library to latest version for faster performance and better compression
04-07-2017 08:36 AM
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