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May 2018
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May 2018
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-added new 'DistPointOnPlaneY', 'PointOnPlaneY' functions
-mesh simplification/LOD generation can now test for vtx skinning differences
-improved mesh LOD generation performance in the Editor
-image import filters can now specify limiting rectangle using @x,y,w,h notation
-added new method 'Steam.curTimeS'
-added new function 'ProcModules'
-added new function 'WindowList'
-'ProcName' will now return valid path in more cases than before
-added new constants SQRT3_2 and HEX_SIZE
-made public classes 'Rects' and 'Boxes' (also improved their internal calculations)
-added absolute index related methods to 'Map' class
-greatly improved 'Interpolator' classes to improve smoothness in case of variable frame rates and network lag, and to better preserve original movement path and speed
-added 'Renderer.lowest_visible_point' which you can manually use to improve shadow quality and rendering performance
-added new Inside(Rect,Circle), Inside(Box,Ball) functions
-added Theater option to draw bounding boxes
-added Object Transform option "Rotate Y to Minimize Box"

-minor fixes/improvements to importing FBX animations
-fixed potential crash at app startup
-fixed mouse clipping if both custom rectangle and window rectangle are used but they don't intersect
-fixed 'CreateConvex2D' which in rare cases would return too few/too many points
-fixed 'ShaderParamChange' not working correctly

Name Changes:
Map.lockedData(i) -> Map[i]
Map.lockedKey(i) -> Map.key(i)

API Changes:
-changed sign of 'DistPointPlaneRay' function result
-added new 'Flt max_skin' parameter to Mesh.simplify methods (please adjust your codes because the parameter order is now different)
-for performance reasons 'Map' can no longer be optionally thread-safe through the bool parameter in the constructor, please use 'ThreadSafeMap' if you need thread safety
-'Interpolator' is now processed differently, please see its header file for more info and a sample code and Esenthel MMO/Ineisis tutorials
-'ShaderParamChange' are now always automatically restorable
05-30-2018 03:13 AM
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